Hardware and Materials:

Cement, Lime, Brick Sand, Stone quarter minus, Triple Wash Sand, Concrete Mix, Quick set, Mortar Mix, Sand and Cement, Self Leveling.


Hand Wood Working Tools, Power Tools. Screws, nails, fixings, brackets.Picture Hooks, screw eyes and cup hooks.

Cement sheet, wall, floor and eve.

Plasterboard sheet 2400x1200.

Trellis sheet and fence extension.

Ladders large, extension and small step.

Small selection of Timber, and Boards. 


Plumbing Hand Tools, Spades, Shovels, Mattocks, Sledge hammers, Crow bars

Plumbing brass and cast iron connections.

Stormwater plumbing PVC pipe and connections.


Electrical Hand Tools

Cable, conduit and extension leads.

Light Globes.

Electrical fittings.

Power boards and timers.


Brooms, buckets, mops and dusters.

Cleaning and Polishing Products ( including Goddard’s product range )


Dulux Interior and Exterior paints. 

Wattyl Interior and Exterior stains.

Cabot Interior and Exterior stains, Decking Oils and prep products.

Trade Paints, Flood & Co. Hobby paints.

Brushes, rollers and drop sheets.

Pest Control:

Possum, Rat, Mouse Snail and Insect Cages and Traps

Baits and Pellets

Animal and bird deterrents.


Potting Mixes, Bagged Fertilizers.

Granular, powder and liquid Soil Improvers.

 Weed Control granular and liquid.

 Sprayers and garden tools.

 Garden Hose, guns, timers and connections.

 Irrigation hose and sprayer fittings.

Kitchen, Laundry and Bathroom

Assembled Clothes Horses - Timber or Metal Powdercote either; silver or black.

Washing baskets.

Clothes lines

Non slip mats